Welcome! We hope you find the information contained in the links below informative and inspiring. Please keep an open mind as most of what we are proving flies in the face of many institutions and media outlets. We exist to bring you truths based in reality and lift the ceiling of what we as a species believe is possible. We will do our best to regularly update each aspect of our wildlife as we discover new species on our farm.

Our farm is located in Southwest Ohio. In 2016 we took over a run down soybean farm and immediately began regenerating it. This endeavor, best recorded thru this website, will serve as a blueprint for others to do the same.      Our species survival depends on innovative farmers figuring out ways to feed a growing population while rejuvenating our soils, cleaning our water ways, slowing the water cycle, and sequestering carbon dioxide.      

While it seems impossible, farmers are the only people uniquely suited to accomplishing all these in with the same actions using holistic management. Feel free to message us, email us, call us with questions, words of encouragement or even frustration if you feel we are doing something wrong. Our way of farming can feed a growing population while making this place a better environment for the next 20 generations.

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This picture is 2 years after the below picture. You can literally see rotational grazing in action but it is so much more than that. This is planned grazing.

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