Farm Market

We attempt to keep this page up to date. As of right now, we are not shipping products. That is certainly the next phase but we aren’t sure when we will take that step.

Our prized market wall illustrating the importance of what we do
Our beef sales freezer

Beef: Wholesale – $5.50/lb hanging weight for a whole, half or quarter and we pay the butcher costs. Typical hanging weight for us for a whole steer is around 550 pounds.

Retail cuts currently available- All choice steaks, roasts, stew meat, and ground beef.

Lamb: Wholesale – $6.00 lb hanging weight for a whole lamb, $6.50/lb hanging weight for a half. We rarely ever have enough lambs to butcher wholesale as the retail cuts fly out of the market so fast.

Retail cuts currently available- limited supply of ground lamb and leg roasts

Pork: Wholesale – $5/lb hanging weight for wholes or halves and we pay the butcher costs. Our whole hanging weights are usually around 210 pounds.

Retail cuts currently available- Only bulk sausage available- flavors- Andouille, Chorizo, Hot Italian, Sweet Italian, Breakfast, and plain ground.

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