How is all this Possible?

We are glad you asked! Through the wonderful innovative technique called Hollistic Management, we use Hollistic Planned Grazing to ensure not only do we have enough of the right livestock for the job, but we take into consideration the resource base and certain wildlife and weather timelines… Clear as mud right?

Holistic Management Definition: A decision-making process to help ensure that the actions taken to restore land and livelihoods are ecologically, socially and economically sound based on the context described by the people involved.

Did you get that? In simpler terms, everything is taken in to account to make sure you as a person, the resource base, and your livestock are not deteriorating. If you know moving a group of animals three times a day regenerates the land but you don’t have time or don’t envision wanting to dedicate that much time to moving animals, you have a guiding principle that tells you it is ok. If you say you value family time as much as regenerating the land, why put yourself through the stress of three moves a day? The land can still regenerate with one move a day. It may not be as fast as when you had absolutely nothing else in the world to do. But, if you move three times a day and burn out deciding farming just isn’t your thing. Odds are, at least in our area, it will just return to chemical-dependent row crops. Holistic management takes into account how your soil is now and how you want it to be in 5, 10 and 20 years. It doesn’t say you need to spend every dollar you don’t have on fertilizers to maximize production for animals you may or may not be able to sell. It says match the number of animals to how much forage you currently have.

To anyone wanting to learn more about Holistic Management, please reach out to the Savory Institute on their website at

Holistic Planned Grazing:

Our farm Summer of 2020. You can see each paddock the animals were given each day recovers a little bit as you go to the right. What is ahead of them is to the left and above and is fully recovered.


The base for the soil food web is green growing grass pumping sugar into the ground. Without this crucial beginning, life would not exist on this planet.
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