Speaking Engagements

Danny’s passion is largely lost on the sheep and cows. 1605, affectionately nicknamed Sweetie, isn’t able to ask questions other than “Where’s my food and water?” or “Rub my head.” Speaking to field trips of any age group, institutions and clubs or at conferences is what he was born to do.

Having spoken at several conferences and to numerous field trips who have come to Danny’s work farm, Turner Farm, the most common thing he hears is “How come we haven’t heard this before” or “Why am I only just now hearing this?”

What the auditorium looked like from on stage as people filed in to hear a discussion panel with Joel Salatin, 2 other local farmers and myself.
My favorite speaking engagement. Huge shout out to Turner Farm for giving me a platform to speak here.

It is our goal to get the word out about just how powerful this can be. Yes, it isn’t as sexy or attractive to tech-obsessed investors, but this is far more profound. This website aims to be the embodiment of our work and philosophy regarding living, surviving and thriving on this planet.

Danny can travel within reason to give a class geared towards consumers and or producers. This class with minor variations has been given to over 500 people to date.

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