Switchgrass- a warm season powerhouse. Roots going down up to 10 feet! Yes feet! Not inches. An absolute treat for cattle. Can grow up to 10 feet tall. Wonderful habitat for birds, especially bobwhite quail.

Here, Emily, 4 feet tall, stands next to an ungrazed plant of switchgrass surrounded by switchgrass the animals just grazed the day before

Johnson grass – an annual warm season powerhouse. Grows extremely quickly. Wonderful grazing for sheep and cattle. Danger to those grazing around the first hard frost. Creates prussic acid for the first three days after frost.

Orchard grass a wonderful versatile cool season grass. Tolerates shade better than most domesticated forage grasses. Extremely palatable after first “cutting” or grazing. Doesnt hold up as well as fescue in winter.

This photo is mostly orchard grass.

Orchard grass seed heads on left and Perennial Rye Grass on the right

timothy does extremely well in June and provides a complimentary grass to other dominant species.

Ryegrass – wonderfully sweet, rye grass loves cooler weather. Very intense yet sonehwta shallow root system.



limegrass (Broomsedge)

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